10 Benefits of Chicken Keeping

10 Benefits of Chicken Keeping
Discover the joy of chicken keeping! Enjoy fresh, nutritious eggs, boost your physical and mental health, teach kids valuable lessons, and help the environment. Start your journey towards self-sufficiency today!

If you or your partner are uncertain about getting your first hens, our handy list should give you all the motivation you need to take the first step into the wonderful world of chicken keeping. 

10 benefits of chicken keeping

  1. Chickens are great for EGGS
Hens reliably produce eggs from 4-6 months of age depending on breed and time of year and they'll lay over 700 over their lifetimes! Just 2-3 hens can supply all the eggs an average sized family could sensibly eat in a week.


Egg picking from Nestera coop


You don’t need a cockerel or rooster either. Eggs are most beneficial when they are super fresh as their nutrients and proteins deplete with time. Once you’ve tasted eggs from your own flock, supermarket versions, that are many weeks older, will seem dire in comparison.

The albumen in a fresh egg is plump not watery and chickens that have access grass and other leafy green produce darker richer yolks.

  1. Chickens are great for your PHYSICAL HEALTH 
Eggs are an excellent source of highly digestible protein, 7 grams in fact, which helps you feel fuller for longer.

They are particularly good for children as they contain all 9 amino acids which we need for growth and repair. They can be eaten in a myriad of ways and are simple to use.

Eggs are a great source of choline which supports brain function and memory. They also contain high levels of lutein and zeaxanthin which are known to improve eye health by reducing macular degeneration.

Caring for chickens encourages you to be more active and get outdoors more into the fresh air.

  1. Chickens are great for your MENTAL HEALTH 
Chickens needs are minimal but they do like routine. They are great at bringing gentle structure to your day.

If you are someone who would benefit from the perfect reason to get up and organised every day, get some hens!

They are a bit like dogs as they’re always pleased to see you and often welcome some physical contact. Likewise, if you’d prefer animals that aren’t so reliant on you there are plenty of gadgets to help you automate your setup. Check out our automatic door opener!

  1. Chickens are great for your KIDS 
They can be involved in every part of chicken keeping which provides endless learning opportunities. Taking responsibility for an animal as well as understanding where our food comes from are incredible life lessons too.

Chickens have kind souls and offer non-judgmental companionship. They are highly trainable, making them the best pet ever. Finding fresh eggs never gets dull either, it’s like a bit of magic every day!

Wondering which breeds are best fit for children? Read our blog for all the info you might need.

Chicken breeds for children
  1. Chickens are great as PETS
Chickens don't need walking and they eat considerably less than dogs and cats. It costs around £1 per hen, per week for best quality soya free layers pellets, even less if they’re bantams.

They are easy to keep and they even put themselves to bed at night. They are the only pet who gives you breakfast and their shorter life spans mean less of a long-term commitment in these changing times.

  1. Chickens are great for the ENVIRONMENT 
As a source of animal-based protein, eggs are the most environmentally friendly.

Ensure the feed you provide is free from GM and soya free which is usually imported from South America. Sprout your own grains or grow extra veggies for even greater sustainability.



The carbon footprint of hens is much less cats or dogs and if you have a coop made from recycled plastic (like ours), it’s even lower.

  1. Chickens help you GARDEN 
As chickens are naturally omnivorous, they will gladly eat garden pests organically.

    Their scratching behaviours can be put to great use weeding borders and prepping vegetable patches as well as scarifying your lawn for FREE!

    Their manure and moulted feathers are excellent for the garden as they’re packed with beneficial nutrients like nitrogen.

    1. Chickens are great for your CONSCIENCE
    Hens would never naturally live in enormous flocks as they do in commercial settings. Mentally and physically these birds pay a price.

      By keeping your OWN chickens, you can provide more natural flock sizes, better quality feed and a more stimulating environment. If you want to eat eggs, they must be kept somewhere by someone. Back garden chicken keeping provides the best experience for hens from a welfare perspective, especially if keepers are well-informed and use veterinary services when required.

      1. Chickens are great DISTRACTIONS 
      If you think chickens are stupid,...think again! They have a surprising level of intellect, problem solving skills, flock hierarchy, communication methods and vocalisations.

        If you work from home they are a wonderful source of entertainment and if you've got a spare minute you could always pop out and give one a cuddle!

        1. Chickens are a great STEP TO SELF-SUFFICIENCY 
        For most of us, owning chickens represents the first and possibly the only step we're able to make in keeping animals for food.

          They are a natural progression from fruit and vegetable production. Many people even manage to keep their poultry on their allotments whereas some prefer their gardens.

          Recent times have made us think about the ethics of corporate giants producing our food and relying on global supply chains. Keeping chickens for eggs or meat is a great way to regain control of what we eat, how it’s raised and its availability.

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