Nestera Coop Reviewed by English Country Life

Nestera Coop Reviewed by English Country Life
English Country Life recently took delivery of their Large Ground Coop and created their own review video. Watch it here.

Our friends Fiona and Hugh over at English Country Life are living the rural dream. They grow a variety of fruit and vegetables on their smallholding in their veg  garden, orchard and green houses, and preserve much of their fresh produce. They also breed Buff Orpington hens and sell fertilised eggs, as well as eggs to eat too. 

They recently took delivery of their Nestera chicken coop and promptly set about showing exactly how simple it is to assemble. They also spend time discussing the features of the coop and its benefits, compared to wooden coops.

Check out the video and let them know in the comments what you thought of it!

Like the look of Hugh and Fiona's new coop? Design your own Nestera Chicken Coop here.

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